Today’s teenagers are subject to the same media assault as the grown-ups, yet they are even less prepared and capable to sort the content and understand it in the right way.

We created Kidsnews because we believe that there are not enough trustworthy channels for young people browsing the internet every day. Our aim is to offer exciting news and quality information for our kids wandering in the wild, while keeping commercial influence at the very minimum.

Our financing model relies on three feet: public sector support, section/article sponsorship and a web shop of supporting merchandise. Kisdnews may agree to appear in supporters’ family events and they may even be allowed to refer to their status in their PR and marketing activities. However, we are committed not to be associated with product promotion directly and there is no room for commercial advertising on our site.

If you agree with our goals and would like to join our endeavor of utmost public interest, contact us at

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